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VETFEST 2019 Project Support Registration

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Where will my business be advertised if we support this project?

Organizations who support projects may be advertised in publication(s), radio, press releases, and/or online depending on the level of support and cost savings. 


Upon registration we will contact you to discuss opportunities that will help promote your business!

Why support this project?  

 VETFEST a fun, unique, family oriented and meaningful event for military families.  It gives families an opportunity to do something together where there is something for everyone in a relaxed county fair type atmosphere. 

Resources, support organizations, live music, food, and a wide variety of Veteran owned businesses will be onsite! 

How is VETFEST funded? 

VETFEST festival is funded each year by local businesses who purchase a sponsorship level or vendors buy a booth or space at the event.

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Did you know?

VetLinx offers free booths to all Veteran Organizations, Veteran Owned Businesses, State and Federal Organizations!




There is no charge for admission or parking for this event and it is open to the public.

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